• Maintaining Structure in the Summer

    Originally published for Body Zone Sports and Wellness Complex on JULY 1, 2013

    During the summer months our social calendars fill up quickly, and we have to juggle seasonal responsibilities as well, like gardening and yard work. It’s also a great time to work on our fitness outdoors. But when all of this collides, it often means decreased visits to your fitness club. The irony is that it’s one of the most important times to maintain structure. And here’s why:

    All walking is not created equal. With warmer weather, we are drawn to walking or running outdoors. But simply walking is not enough. If you are monitoring your heart rate and having a structured walk, then you will improve your cardiovascular efficiency. If, on the other hand, you’re taking a leisurely stroll (even if it’s several miles), this isn’t interchangeable with a group exercise class, which is specifically designed to cover all aspects of fitness, including heart health.

    You deserve to finish strong. There’s a big difference between feeling great after a day packed with activities and crawling home in a state of exhaustion, only to ache for days. Let’s say you take a day trip that requires a lot of walking. If you tire easily, you increase the risk of injury and are looking at several “recovery days.” If, on the other hand, you devote a few hours a week to structured fitness, you should have the strength, balance, and aerobic capacity to finish the day with sustained vigor.

    Those pesky chores require some muscle! Whether it’s mowing the lawn, gardening, doing home renovations, or any of the other million jobs we undertake, think about how much strength and stamina they require. Where’s the best place to maintain those? In your fitness club, of course! Remember that fitness is like a moving target; you don’t want to work so hard building it up in the pre-summer months and then stop and move backwards when you need it the most. Keep the ball rolling instead. When you achieve total body fitness, you’re in the best state to tackle physically demanding jobs.

    The solution? It’s totally okay to modify your workout schedule during the summer, but make sure you continue working on the most important components. Start to look for the connection between your activities of daily living and the exercises you do. That will help keep you motivated and focused!

    If you are interested in creating a structured workout plan, drop into a Group X class or meet with a personal trainer. We take the guesswork out, helping you to maximize the results from your workout and enjoy your life to the fullest!


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