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    I was recently interviewed by the wonderful Gina Marks of Lionville Holistic Health Center prior to the first of many seminars I will be leading there. The interview is published on their blog, and the same text follows.

    (LHHC) We asked Ashley a few questions about herself by way of introduction. Enjoy!

    LHHC: How long have you been involved in your particular field? What drew you to get involved with this?

    Ashley: I became involved in the natural health field 8 years ago. Suffering from several chronic diseases, I sought the counsel of a homeopath. When my health was amazingly restored, my life path shifted. I first studied homeopathy and then branched into qigong, basic diet, and personal training/group exercise. Over time I expanded my business to provide comprehensive wellness services, offering education from a holistic perspective, encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

    LHHC: Are there any life experiences that continue to influence your work with people?

    Ashley: Disease can be a great motivator! My business was not only born out of that, but my background allows me to truly relate to suffering in others because I’ve experienced it myself. That was, and continues to be, the driving force of my quest for sustained wellness. Currently, as my qigong studies deepen, so does my ability to instruct classes. And this year, I’ve gotten very involved in sustainable living; this has carried over with my clients, as we now discuss not only how to be responsible for your own wellness, but also that of our environment.

    LHHC:What kinds of people seek out your services?

    Ashley: I’m very happy that there isn’t an easy way to answer this question! The only common thread in my client base is that it’s made up of people seeking wellness. My personal beliefs are centered around respect and acceptance so I love working with individuals with such varied backgrounds. I’m always learning new and exciting things.

    LHHC: What do you find most rewarding?

    Ashley: That is absolutely hearing joy in my clients’ voices. There is a pride and satisfaction that comes from knowing that you made your health a priority and reaped the benefits of that investment. It is so rewarding to know that I’ve played a role in this process for others.

    LHHC: What do you like for people to come away with after your sessions?

    Ashley: I really like people to believe (and know from experience) that limitations – mental, emotional, physical – are self-created. There is almost always a solution. And we all have a lot of power in finding that solution and employing it. Life isn’t a struggle. It may not always be easy, but it’s a gift, and it can be really, really fun if you let it be. Another big take-home message for me is that wellness isn’t difficult; it may require making some lifestyle changes, but it never takes away from your life. Also, I hope that my clients know that this is so much more than a business to me; I genuinely care about each and every one of them.

    LHHC: What inspires you both personally and professionally?

    Ashley: I am inspired by change and growth. When one person raises their general level of health, it affects everyone around them: friends, family, pets, co-workers. Health is radiant. People want to be surrounded by that kind of energy. The more I learn and grow, the better able I am to spark that change in others. Then our suffering is transformed to health and wonderful life lessons! That applies in my personal life too. I want to be the best and healthiest person I can not only for myself but for the people I love too.

    LHHC: What do you do for fun and recharging?

    Ashley: I love reading and studying new things. I’m almost always enrolled in one program or another. My favorite hobbies are mostly outdoors: running, swimming, kayaking, hiking. I love spending time with animals, especially my two cats. I just started taking riding lessons so this should be quite an adventure. I do a lot of traveling and exploring. But my favorite pastime usually comes as a surprise – watching football, hands-down.

    LHHC: What's your big vision?

    Ashley: I see so many people suffering and not knowing that other options exist. My big vision is focused on education that fosters independence and informed decision-making. With different tools, wellness abounds. I really hope to see the day when the “majority” are well. When it’s the norm to have an individual wellness plan. When the commonplace is optimism and joy and health. I am so grateful that I found a path where I can help this happen one person, one family, or one group at a time. I have the best job in the world!

    Thank you, Ashley! And we are looking forward to many more of your offerings at the LHHC in the future!


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