• Holiday Health Tips

    The holiday season is underway, which means we are all trying to fit more into our schedules than there is time for, but there are simple ways to make sure your health doesn’t suffer the consequences. As we approach the New Year, ensure that you enter it feeling well. That will make your resolutions so much easier to achieve!

    1. “Make” time, don’t “find” time.

    Your health and well-being require time and attention. If we wait until time magically appears, they will waver. We need to commit to invest time in our health, no matter the season or circumstance. Make it a priority now and see that commitment through!

    2. Schedule fixed times to exercise.

    In addition to all of the physical benefits, exercise is a great way to combat stress and even depression. So if you don’t have time to get a workout in every day, that’s okay, but before the week begins, set your times to exercise. Think of these time slots the way you think of other appointments; you wouldn’t miss an appointment with your dentist or mechanic, so don’t miss the appointments with your health!

    3. Schedule time to relax.

    Take at least five minutes a day to focus on YOU. You don’t need a day at the spa to release tension and feel at ease. Find something that works for you to provide a much-needed break from holiday madness. I love to do my favorite qigong exercise for just a few minutes. On the busiest days, I will simply visualize doing it. It’s amazing how much more we can get accomplished when we break the “overdrive” cycle. If you have a very active mind, give it a job: every day, express gratitude for the many things in your life that you appreciate.

    4. Eat in moderation.

    The holidays are the hardest time to maintain a healthy diet. The typical response is to overindulge and then beat ourselves up for it. Try a different approach this year: allow yourself the pleasure of some unhealthy foods, but make sure you think it through ahead of time. Have a plan, such as a healthy breakfast and lunch, and an enjoyable dinner. Enjoyable doesn’t have to mean many bad choices. Fill your stomach with healthy foods, and then you can feel satisfied with small tastes of the unhealthy ones. In other words, don’t start with dessert!

    5. BREATHE!

    Breathing is the most important technique in maintaining calm and wellness. If you aren’t familiar with abdominal breathing, it’s worth a few minutes of research. When we breathe through the stomach, we break the pattern of dysfunctional breathing, which fuels stress. Get in the habit of taking 5 conscious breaths every time it comes to mind (feeling your stomach rise as you inhale and relax as you exhale). The option with the greatest benefits is the one that can be done anywhere, anytime, without interrupting our lives, but instead, enriching them.

    I hope these simple, easy-to-incorporate tips will help you to create fulfilling and healthy holidays. Just remember that your health is always worth your time, and the healthier you are, the more abundantly you can give to loved ones during this special season.

    Happy holidays!


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