“The virtual class provides the flexibility needed to help keep a commitment to do qigong whenever time allows. Ashley’s experience and excitement in being able to share the qigong experience with others and her ability to keep us motivated and interested in learning the movements makes her class “fun”. Even the tricky movements are broken into easy to follow segments. Also, being able to ask questions during the class time helps us to correct, modify, or review anything we are having issues with.” – Marion C.

“It leaves me feeling calmer and stronger. (Personal benefits include) stress relief and total body fitness. Ashley is so knowledgeable and has a relaxed manner for teaching. She explains all the moves very thoroughly – physically and inner body channeling.” – Mitzi B.

“The greatest benefits for me: no driving to a class, we can still chat with Ashley during or after if there are questions, the recording is available for later viewing. I love the fact that Ashley is always questioning what the participants are looking for, what should change or stay the same. Teaching us the philosophy of qi gong is an added benefit.” – Alison G.

“Qigong has helped my arthritis, balance improvement, breathing. Ashley is very caring and thorough in all she teaches”. – David B.

“Never having taken qigong and not knowing what qigong was, I have become a convert. I’ve had lower back problems for years. I have to say I’m amazed at how much better my lower back has been feeling”. – Marga R.

“Qigong has helped improve the strength of my muscle groups, relaxed my mind and allowed me to be less affected by stress. It incorporates much more than the physical attributes. I carry Qigong with me throughout the day and can apply it to my life in many situations. As a group Qigong has enabled us to do a work out via the internet not only live but also during the week if we choose to. Participating in an online class helps to build a healthy community, even though we use a distance learning tool. We have never had a class that was so fulfilling. It is very important to us to have an instructor with the proper education and skill for classes. Ashley is well versed in many areas and is an attribute to learning. If we have questions or problems she is able to individualize a solution for us.” – Jamie S. (virtual group leader)

“I breathe better, my balance is better, my coordination and muscle tone is improved”. – Shirley B.

“I started qigong as an alternative to a stretching routine I was doing to alleviate periodic pain in my shoulder. The flowing movements keep my shoulder loose and I have not experienced pain since. The unexpected side effect is that I found it relaxing and stress reducing. “ – Ron R.

“(Personal benefits include) stress relief, contentment, reconnection with my body, insight, happiness. Even when we’re totally messing up, we can smile about it and feel good. I’m learning a lot in a comfortable atmosphere.” – Jayne B.

“Qigong gives me the most amazing blend of mind, body, and spirit exercises that leave me feeling AWESOME! If you have a chance to have Ashley as an instructor, do not pass it up. It is amazing and so is she” – Janice J.

“(Qigong) makes the mind more alert and active. Better balance, very good for joint improvements and relaxation. It should also help with immunity by being active. Ashley relates well to everyone in the class, knows qigong, and explains how to do it very clearly. She is a great instructor.” – Maureen B.

“Qigong has strengthened both body and mind and has taught me how to be more relaxed and less stressed in my daily life.” – Cheryl B.

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